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What our customers are saying?

We are very proud of the service we provide and stand by every product we carry. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.
My hospice group does not have the purchasing power of the big hospitals. My Executive Membership has saved the hospice $$ over the past few months.

Sara Grant

Los Angeles, California

I put in my pre-order for AVA shield solution, the time savings alone are worth it. We have to sanitize every hour on the hour, which eats up 15 min of productivity. I wonder if my insurance company will give me a discount?

H. Perkins

Los Angeles, California

We get a lot of traffic in our rental store so we use a lot of PPE equipment. This membership has saved me time and effort in searching for basic protection equipment.

Luke Jacobs

San Antonio, Texas

This Nano shield idea makes a lot of sense, it would give me peace of mind knowing that some COVID isn't just lying in wait on the next surface I touch.

Brad Foster

Beverly Hills, California

During this shutdown, my office still has staff coming to work, I love how I can find all I need in one location at great prices.

Amber Page

Seattle, Washington

During this shutdown, my office still has staff coming to work, I love how I can find all I need in one location at great prices.

Steve G

New York, New York

It's all about being smart and safe, the way we burn through gloves and mask makes this club annual gold fee worth every penny.

Phillip Hunt

Detroit, Michigan

Our family has been waiting for this crazy time to just end but it just seems to go on and on. We still go out to shop and need a good supply of personal safety equipment to stay safe.

Lisa Page

Portland, Oregon

I will be sending my kids back to school soon, I need a good source of protective supplies so my kids are safe and don't bring anything home.

Eric Bell

Baltimore, Maryland