The New Way of Protection

Keeping people and workspaces safe and healthy.

KLEANTECH Systems is a commercial brand of SSL9 Inc. focused on providing a broad variety of quality PPE products at membership prices. Our product line of defense is our anti-viral solution that addresses surface contamination and applies to safety viral contamination concerns in Food processing areas, hi-touch transportation, medical walls, stairways, rails, and curtains. Our solution in combination with an electrostatic sprayer will coat the surface with a shield that no virus and survive. This protection can last up to 1 year on some areas and three (3) months on/in high traffic areas.  Once applied to a surface, this reduces or stops any viral surface contact transfer and the need to constantly sanitize surfaces.

  Our members have leveraged the buying power of large commercial hospitals to price items that service personal protection equipment and surface sanitation of hi-touch environments,  found in shops, gas stations, ATMs, and the cash we use every day.

KLEANTECH SYSTEMS operates its own private Air Cargo and Door-2-Door shipping services delivered anywhere in the world.
As a multi-brand PPE supplier, it enables us to bring you some of the world’s most reputable protective products from trusted manufacturers. We verify all certifications from every product that has been approved by the FDA and CE. Our PPE products are used daily by hospitals, medical doctors, nurses, and frontline workers throughout the world.

Our patented anti-viral disinfectant Solution is safe and used throughout all high traffic environments. The easy to use and patented solution, both disinfects and stabilizes potential threats while protecting surfaces. The solution can be sprayed using an electrostatic method to coat any interior or exterior surface.

This, essentially, seals it against an immediate attack from viruses and bacteria for a longer sustained period of time than most typical cleaning methods. This will provide a safe touch area that is virus-free for you or your customers or hospital patients visitors employees etc. Comercial application has a certificate of protection for your company’s premises posted on your window upon the completion of anti-viral spraying. Become a Platinum or a Gold Member today for your business or personal needs.

Our wholesale prices are direct from manufacturers and most items ship around the world. Sign up today by clicking on our JOIN NOW button. Take action now to protect your environment and having complete confidence that yourself, your workers, and loyal customers are safe and protected from any virus surface contact infections.